Dare to be Different

It’s quite likely that you’ve heard of us before, so we’re happy to skip the fact that we are a vital player in the insurance and financial service market. We have something else to tell you. A major digital transformation is currently taking place within Allianz. It’s noticeable throughout the company, especially within our Data and IT departments. Working together to become the best data-driven insurer, daring to take risks, finding out-of-the-box solutions: That is our digitalization strategy.

World leader, the word says it all. In more than 70 countries we offer insurance products and services for individuals, the self-employed, SMEs, and large companies. Besides spanning the globe, we’re also reaching for the stars: Allianz also specializes in space insurance and satellite insurance. Have you ever watched a Bollywood film? We even insure these film productions. Our possibilities are endless.

Years of knowledge and fresh perspectives on the field, we are happy to welcome everyone who adds value to Allianz. We are a stable and reliable organization, and we would like to keep it that way. How can we always be the best? What are the needs of tomorrow? These are questions we like to keep in mind. At the Allianz Academy, you can expand your knowledge and deepen your expertise within your area of interest. Perhaps you’d like to get your PhD with us? Shape your career at Allianz.

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Younes Abarchan | Senior Pricing Actuary

“You see a return from your efforts, and that is very motivating.”

Miguel de Lathouwer | Solution Architect

Previously, I worked on designing Allianz application frameworks in an external technical consultancy role. Those frameworks allowed applications to be built quickly and in a consistent way. When I was asked to join Allianz in 2012, I made this step. What I have always appreciated is that you can take on more responsibilities if you are proactive. You see a return from your efforts, and that is very motivating. For example, I have been able to put my mark on the Document Management System, for which I built the technical architecture. We were able to realize this with a small team and completely agile. It is rewarding to see that this is still being used centrally in the Benelux.

What makes working at Allianz so unique? For me, it’s the variety. When I look back at what I was doing five years ago and compare it to what I am doing now, it has quite evolved, just as Allianz has evolved, especially in the international context. As focus has moved towards a consolidation on group platforms & technology, we have way more contacts with group architects of different countries and are able to get in touch with a diversity of specialized group platforms and architectural initiatives.

By working in the Benelux context – I travel two days a week to Rotterdam – you’re part of the group as a whole. This creates more interactivity, and you see that architecture is also included in that context.

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“By streamlining the communication between these various parties, everyone knows their responsibility.”

Nena Miladinovic | Information Analyst

In the Functional Management department, I am responsible for the end-to-end document process. This includes all incoming e-mails and the outgoing communication to customers. For example, when you take out a non-life insurance, you will receive a policy document. I manage that output. I really like working with different systems and external parties in this role. By streamlining the communication between these various parties, everyone knows their responsibility.

Allianz gives me a lot of freedom within my position. As an expert in your field, you have the opportunity to decide how to optimize processes. I also really enjoy the collaboration with my fellow team members. Whenever you need help from another domain, everyone is there to help each other.

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2 Decavi trophies

Won by Allianz in 2018

Allianz Hackathon

On September 28th and 29th 2018

“Innovation and digitalization are central topics that we are working on to take Allianz to the next level.”

Merveille Kabonza | Business Process Analyst

Projects I am working on (B1 (ABS), Radar Live, LIAM, etc.) are transversal ones. I get to work with colleagues from different departments (technical area, IT, business operational, pricing, etc.) and that’s really interesting and challenging. This allows me to get a broader view on the organization. Working in the Organizational Management department is in that sense a strategic position because we are the bridge between business and IT when it comes to implementing initiatives across the entire organization.

The insurance world is often considered as boring for most people but in fact it isn’t. We (as Allianz) are moving to a more innovative, digital and agile organization. And that’s something attractive to all professionals I believe. You don’t come in an environment where everything is settled. You have the opportunity to work together in bringing the organization to the next level. That’s why working in the Organizational Management department is the right place to be!

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“I can really dig into how processes work and also consider what people want and need to work more effectively.”

Tineke van Veen | Business Process Re-Engineer

I value the combination of substance and people in my work. At Allianz, I can really dig into how processes work and also consider what people want and need to work more effectively. We are currently working on a lean transformation within Allianz. In doing so, we’re exploring how teams can work even leaner and how we can provide just what the customer wants. Employees get more control and are much happier.

We are currently running the lean project pilot in Rotterdam. Everyone here is really good at what they do and works on solutions to problems in their own way. Using the lean perspective to find the best practice and what we can learn from each other. That is a mind-set that really adds value. The international aspect also appeals to me. In time, I will roll out the pilot internationally with my team

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“We are rapidly ensuring that data is engrained in the DNA of our entire company.”

Jan Doumen | Head of Business Intelligence

Within the Allianz Data Office, I am responsible for Business Intelligence. Our job is to collect and contextualize data. The insurance industry was among the first to go digital. Despite this long history, data remains a mostly untapped terrain. Due to this significant underutilization, there is still more than enough to do for the insurance industry.

And yet we can be proud. Every year, the Boston Consulting Group publishes a report listing of the most innovative companies in the world. Of course, Apple, Google, and Amazon head the list. Allianz is listed 30th place. That may not seem like a big deal, but we’re the highest-ranked insurance company. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Sometimes you experience a moment in your career when it seems as though you’re surfing. A big wave of change comes along and you can ride it. This is precisely what is currently happening at the Allianz Data Office. The speed at which we’re doing things, what we’re doing, and the innovative character are almost unheard of. We are rapidly ensuring that data is engrained in the DNA of our entire company.

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