Customer Value Proposition - Employee Benefits


As a Strategic Value Proposition Architect, you play an important role in the domain of Employee Benefits (EB) Belgium. You will join a dedicated team of 6 FTE within the Strategic Value Proposition Life team, part of Strategic Market Management BNL (20 FTE).

Together with your colleagues you will define new strategies for EB and you will – as a change agent - design and develop new and improved Value Propositions and Customer Journeys based on customer needs to improve the market position of Allianz in EB. 

You will:

  • be the driver of change in the Belgian EB segment in Allianz.
  • be the lead in defining new and improved strategies, design relevant value Propositions aligned with the strategy.
  • Propose Strategic development & change agenda aimed at the development of customer & data-driven business based on in-depth market analysis, concrete customer and data insights to create real and sustainable value-propositions for the end-customer (B2B), taking advantage of competitive benchmarking to build a distinctive proposition which adds significant value for the customer.
  • Pro-actively look for new business opportunities; You are focused on a broad range of solutions in products, services, in distribution, etc. 
  • Identify opportunities in target segment products & service and designs adequate propositions to fill the gap in needs for specific LoB/Segments, to achieve growth, based on profound customer insights and fact-based analysis and through improved and new value propositions and customer journey’s.    
  • Lead or actively contribute to international proposition development or other strategic change programs (partnerships etc) to realize synergies across Allianz SE and for the benefit of Allianz Benelux

Your tasks :

  • Develop strategic business cases incl. decision making process in BoM/Business Committees looking for Benelux synergies
  • Be the “Change agent” across the value chain providing input for market research/new customer journeys
  • Create a big leap change via proposition/business development sharing the strategic USP's behind the propositions in the value chain where and whenever required, for example during the design phase.
  • Steer the implementation of the value proposition across the full value, matching delivery with design requirements and act as a gate keeper during the implementation phase.
  • You will steer the change across the value chain, always open for new signals and opportunities and pro-active in adequate stakeholder management
  • Analyzes market and customer developments fact-based through research and available data and develops and improves the required market and portfolio strategy
  • Defines customer needs for new products and develops overall value propositions for well defined customer target groups based on profound customer insights and data driven orientation
  • For the covered LoB and products: Steers and initiates improvements of the value chain within the organization

This is you: 

  • An assertive personality with good communication skills, with an understanding  knowledge of insurance technology, solution-oriented, creative and with a methodological approach. You are a data-driven digital-savvy professional in insurance. 
  • You have a Master's degree, preferably in Economic Sciences, Commercial Engineering or equivalent programs.
  • You have broad market knowledge in the Employee Benefits segment in Belgium meaning that you know how to define the needs of employers, brokers and end-customers (employees) and that you have a knowledge of competitive propositions and the overall landscape in EB, with a focus on employer pension schemes branch 23, Cash Balance products, CDC, lifecycles, etc).
  • You are experienced in developing new value propositions and customer journeys, in particular in the initiation & design phase preferably in EB.
  • You have some experience in strategic consultancy in the financial sector or are interested in developing these skills based on your strong analytical skills.  
  • You have project management skills. In consultation with your colleagues, you do not shy away from discussion, but succeed in achieving a client-oriented result and you are a senior professional who can lead and steer the value chain (Sales, technical area, Operations) into the right direction by driving innovation.
  • You are fluent in Dutch and (preferably) French. Sufficient skills in English are also a must. 

Talent must be rewarded, this is what Allianz will offer for this role: 

  • Excellent competitive salary and extra legal benefits
  • Freedom to determine where & when you work (output focused, Full Flex policy)
  • Development opportunities
  • You have the ability to follow internal / external trainings (e.g. Xcelerate Academy)
  • Real career opportunities - do not go for a job but go for a career.

About us :

Allianz occupies a prominent place in the world of finance, with a focus on Life and Non-Life insurance. 

A leadership position we are proud of, but it is easier to get there than to stay there. The organization is the (t)sum of strong, dynamic individuals who are experts in their field.

As an employer, Allianz guarantees continuous growth opportunities and we, as employees, are fully supported in this by various training possibilities.

The international organization applies the 'Full Flex' principle: this means that employees can choose their working hours and location, which creates a better work/life balance for all colleagues. 

In addition, we are a partner of Athletics- a support to athletes to achieve their goals - think of the Allianz Memorial Van Damme. Furthermore, Allianz also strongly invests in partners who care about the climate, such as Sea Shephard, which aims to clean up the oceans.

Join us and let's care for tomorrow!

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